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About Us

HOMECASH was established to provide comprehensive financial inclusion, literacy and education to enable financial inclusion to cover the large section of the society who is financially excluded, especially in Urban and Semi-urban areas. Our highly-trained advisors provide support to the customer across all areas of the financial needs. We are into distribution and servicing of comprehensive financial services such as Savings, Insurance, Credit, Mutual Funds, Pension and remittances.

Our Core Values

Honesty and Integrity: We are committed to promoting the highest standards of honesty and integrity throughout our organisation
Customer Commitment: We are committed to growing strong relationships with our customers that will make a positive difference to their livelihoods

Our Process

We follow a systematic process to identify your financial priorities based on life stages and in turn will also enable me to share couple of ideas to ensure those priorities are met.
1. Establish Trust
2. Establish key financial needs
3. Prioritize among the identified financial needs
4. Analyse and Evaluate the gaps and
5. Recommend appropriate solution

Our Team

Our team comprising of diversely skilled professionals continually push themselves to learn and evolve so that we may help you conquer each new challenge on the road to financial stability and success. Every person on our team is committed to providing you with the best possible customer service and the highest-quality products. This commitment is reflected in everything we do.